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 We are equipped with fully automated and semi-automated machines and equipments. Our team in production department are all experienced and skilled, with modern facilities. We are able to supply you quality products and on time delivery.



Shield Condom carry on International quality management system ISO13485 and EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC to make sure the whole quality control system implement in Shield condoms production.



Our products are made to ISO4074:2015 world quality standard. All condoms are tested 7 times from the raw material until the finished products. We unsure you the most safe and health condoms.

1. Raw material incoming test

First we check the supplier MTC and then test the total solid, mechanics stable etc. Only qualified latex can be released into stock.


2. Compounded latex test

Every day we will test the condoms for dipping. When the latex satisfying the dipping processing we can run the machine.


3. Rough product quality control

We do appearance, measurement performance test on the rough products from each post-processing machine by sampling. Only the condoms meeting the Rough Products Quality Control Procedure requirement can be released to next step process.


4. Electronic pin hole test and rolling

We do 100% electronically test to make sure the condoms without holes or leakage.


5. Test after electronically rolling We do the test after ISO2859

ISO4074:2015 and Inner Rough Products Quality Control Procedure each batch on electronic condoms.


6. Foiled condoms quality control

1) Lubricant Test

Every 4 hours we will test the contents of the lubricant.

2) Visual Test

Each foiled product box we take 300pcs randomly to do visual test.

3) Bursting , leakage ,integrity test

We do the whole test of each lot according to ISO4074:2015 from the foiled condoms by sampling. Only qualified condoms can be released to box packing.

7. Packed products visual test

Before and after packing our QA will do the visual test after production plan to make sure foiled condoms match the box and the packing quality.


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