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Currently we are not able to supply condoms for the customers from USA and CANADA


Policy And Regulartion

If you want to launch your own private label condom brand, then congratulations! You just find the right supplier here. We have Unbelievable low MOQ quantity, only 10000 pieces; we can make your own customized LOGO print condoms. We have helped customers in Europe, in Asia, in Middle East to establish their own brand condoms.
Please note, condoms are a Medical Device Class II b product. Worldwide CE condoms have to comply with the ISO4074 standard. And every country or region may have different laws or terms for medical devises. Therefore, please check with your local administrations about the terms and conditions that are required. Make sure that the products and packing are in compliance with the local laws. In the mean time, we are always willing to give you advice and support based on our knowledge and experience in this field, please feel free to
send us your inquiry!


Condom Size and Types

According to the market and customers' requirement, we are now developing several types of condoms for your choice

Plain/Ultrathin: reassuring the protection during sex with a condom but feeling just like wearing nothing

Dotted: hundreds of uniquely positioned raised dots for more intense stimulation for your partner and get bonus yourself.

Ribbed: hundreds of uniquely positioned ring applies pressure where you needed gently and strongly

Dotted+Ribbed (Combination): numbers of micro dots combined with micro rings offering special pleasure and achieve more satisfying sex

Fit: Special Shape, 52-56-52, 1 condom with 3 different width, which just suits for your brother and make you feel a little tight, giving more pressure but even more power to go in and out. 

Color Condom: Colored condoms can be a fun addition to your sex life. They add some fashion to your passion. Maybe you've always wondered what your partner looks like in red. Maybe you think that fellatio is more fun in fuchsia. Visual stimulation can be an important part of the sexual experience. Colored condoms can be an interesting way to spice things up.  

Physical DelayDelay without using Delaying cream, which healthily protect yourself and give you longtime but sensitive feeling. The ring around the neck makes your brother looks and feels bigger than before which give your partner a special and wonderful night.


Packing and Design

We can provide condoms in pack of 3pcs;12pcs;100pcs and 144pcs, this year in 2019 we also developed a new packing design for webshops; Small, light and suitable for international shipping. If you don't have any ideal of what kind of packing do you want, please don't worry, we can provide you service of package design and artwork. And if you want to display your condoms on the shelf or on the desk for super Market or pharmacy, we can make the display box or hanger for you.


Price and Cost

Please note, the price for OEM private label condoms is different according to order quantity, if you order more pieces, the price will be more favourable. Here we take 10,000 pieces orders for example. there will be a Color print die-cut cost for the Foil, which is about 500US dollars, and then the cost of condoms, unit price is US dollars 0.07 per piece, so the total cost for 10,000 piece private label condoms is 500+0.07×10000= 1200 US dollars. 

This price is just for your reference, if you want a final quote for a real order, please contact us for quotation.
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